M'AGU Cosmetics

MAGU’s idea was born in 2018 and for the last 3 year my team and I have worked intensively to conclude the idea and build a truly unique product. The idea was to create a Cruelty-Free and skin friendly face product that is made with natural, organic and vegan ingredients.

My 20-year experience in beauty, fashion and retail management helped steer towards the right decisions I made for the concept of the product line. Eventually, I was able through my product line to offer a high-quality product an organic product at a reasonable price, that above all is very important and valuable for the skin and has a minimalistic and elegant impact.

The great demand and need for organic skin care products, created initialy the opportunity for MAGU to introduce to the product line “Marina Hyaluron”. “Marina Hyaluron” was warmly accepted and had a very good resonance with customers and in a short time became widely successful.

Shortly after, with the main focus to continue offering natural skin products MAGU managed to create two more product lines specifically made to fulfil the needs of oily and sensitive skins.

With great conviction, we promise you that this is just the beginning of a story that focuses on meeting the needs of customers and all those who have already fallen in love with MAGU Cosmetics.

Trully yours,
Malbora Gurra
CEO & Founder